New Move In Checklist Advice From Arizona Home Inspectors

Checklist For Moving Into Your New Home

Moving to a new house can be a hectic time for the whole family. There are so many details to think about that some can be easily overlooked. Unpacking is not the only thing you should worry about. The things you need to do can range from taking care of your finances to installing fire extinguisher cabinets. Organization is the key in making the whole process of unpacking and getting ready for your new home easier. With this in mind, here is a helpful checklist you can use after moving to your new place.

Install New Locks – The first thing you have to do is to install new locks. Since you are new to the building or area, you still probably have no idea who has a copy of your current keys. This will ensure that no one can get inside the house except you and your family.

Inspect Your Appliances – Inspect and make sure all your appliances are not damaged during the move. Some insurance policies have limited time in which to make a claim. If there is damage, report it immediately.

Lock Up Your Important Documents – Important documents and receipts related to your move should be placed in a safe and locked drawer. Save all receipts of the money spent on the moving process, the permanent improvements and damages that were fixed so you can use these for tax deduction purposes later on.

Check House For Damages – Check the house for any damage and have preventive maintenance as early as possible.

Register Children In New School – Find and register your children into their new schools. The sooner your children will get used to a regular routine, the easier it is for them to settle in your new place.

Set Up Emergency Storage – Have an emergency storage close to your house exit. Keep all poisons, medicines, and other dangerous substances away from children and kept in child-proof cabinets.  Flashlight, matches, batteries and candles should not be placed within children’s reach. Place it in a top drawer with a lock.

Check In With Your Insurance Company – Keep in touch with insurance companies including household, health and automobiles. Check if you are currently covered or if you need to create new policies with a new company. This is important especially if you are moving to a new state.

Take Care Of Finances – Take care of your finances by opening up new bank accounts.

Change Your Postal Address – Inform your old residence or post office of your change of address so that your mails will be forwarded to your new place.

Install Smoke Detectors Etc. – Have smoke and fire alarms installed inside your new house. If there are old ones already installed, check if it is still functioning properly and change batteries. Purchase fire extinguishers for your kitchen and garage. Have them placed in fire extinguisher cabinets to keep them from being damaged.

Get Doctor Referrals And Copies Of Your Old Records Sent – Ask your doctors and dentist for referrals in your new town and have a copy of your old records.

After you are settled in to your new home and followed this checklist, you should introduce yourself to your new neighbors. In no time you and your family will feel adjusted to your new place and enjoy bonding with your new neighbors and friends.


Moving Checklist How-To

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